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Export (Send) to Revit® - complete model, geometry and parameters (green checkmarks)

Once the project is completed in Openings Studio™, the information can be exported from Openings Studio™ and imported back into Revit®. This process describes exporting openings with the Revised Openings Studio™ family, including the model, geometry, and parameters. To update the parameters only, follow the instructions for Export (Send) to Revit® - Parameters only.  

Note: All users should sync the model and avoid making door edits during the export process.


1. Open the project in Revit®.


2. From the Openings Studio™ toolbar, click on the Import icon


Revit ribbon import


3. The project will open in Openings Studio™.


4. The Openings Screen will display.  In the Door & Frame Schedule, hover over the Export Icon and select Export to Revit®.


hoover and click


5. The yellow and green check marks in the Export column indicate the export method.  By default, all doors are selected with the Yellow Check, openings parameters only.  

Helpful tip! User the Apply Changes to All and filter tools on the tool bar to easily make changes to multiple openings. 

  • Yellow Check (Update Option): This option will append Openings Studio™ parameters to the Current Revit® door family parameters, but does NOT modify the Revit® door family geometry or model.
  • Green Check (Replace Option): Replace the Current Revit® family with the Revised Openings Studio™ family, including the model, geometry, and parameters.


door frame export col


6. To change the options, Click on the Export column.









Deselect an opening: Click on the check mark in the Export Column. Simply re-click to select.

Change a Yellow Check to green:  Alt+Click on the Yellow Check Mark.

Change a Green Check to yellow: Click on the Green Check Mark.


7. Select the Green Check to export the complete model, geometry, and parameters.


8. The Export Wizard has 3 tabs, Opening Selections, Export Options and Export to Revit®. Click on Continue to navigate through the tabs.  Once each tab has been completed, the tab will turn green. If there is missing information, the tab will turn red.   


Opening Selections 

Displays the number of openings to be exported. To make a change to the export method, click on the Change Selections Button. Click Next to continue.

Wizard - selections



NOTE: If there are linked models, there will be an option to select models to export. Click Next to continue.




Export Options 

Select parameters to be exported. 

Export options green


Select export options

Select desired options.

Create Revit® Door Schedule

Automatically create a Revit® door schedule using Openings Studio™ shared parameters.  This feature is best used early on the design process, preferably as early as the Design Development Phase.  However, it is not recommended for projects that already have a complete, or nearly complete, door schedule.  All information in the schedule needs to be verified for accuracy. 

Create Hardware Set Sheet

Automatically create a Revit® sheet with hardware sets placed on it.  Sheets may require title block updates, renumbering, font changes, etc. to follow firm/project standards. The text is not “smart” text and will need to be updated if there are changes to the sets.  

Include All

If there are doors in other models, select this option to add the sets for all of the doors.  This option is also useful if the specification writer has created a miscellaneous set that is not assigned to a door but is included in the specification.

Helpful Tip!

To learn more about mapping AAOS parameter to Revit Instance parameters, click here.

Select parameters

Click on Parameters.

Under select template, select Shared HW Set.

Click Select.

Click Next.


  •   choose param green     



If Select Parameters is not opened before clicking Next, the parameter options window will display.  It will show the current parameter selections.  Click Change Selections to edit parameter selections. Click Accept to keep the current selections and continue to Export.


Export to Revit® 

Accept the terms and conditions, Click Export.


export to revit


9. Once the export is complete, a message will display. Click Ok


export complete


10. Click on the Import Icon the Openings Studio™  toolbar in Revit®.


Revit_Import Icon


11. Revit® will begin the import process.


import image


12. If any of the doors could not be updated, an Update Log will display containing a list of those openings. Typically, this message appears when the door has been deleted from the project.


update log


View hardware in the Door Schedule in Revit®

1. Open the door schedule in Revit® in the Edit mode.

2. Click Edit next to the Fields option in the Properties Window.

3. The Schedule Properties window will display.

4. Select AAOS Shared HW Set or AAOS Project HW Set under available fields.

5. Click the   add  Add button to move the AAOS Shared HW Set parameter to the Scheduled Fields.

6. Click OK to update the door schedule.

7. These parameter columns can be renamed if desired.

8. Review for any missing information.

9. Repeat these steps for additional door schedules in the Revit® project.


door schedule in Revit



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