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Doorway to BIM

  • How do you manage door marks, naming conventions?

    Creating openings and reviewing door schedules can be a headache for any architect or designer.  After all, in most design projects, there is no straight way to document the order of doors. See how creating unique door marks can help you manage your openings - and your projects.
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  • Shining a spotlight on software development successes

    Although 2020 is now a few weeks behind us, we wanted to take a moment to say thanks to our partners, developers and supporters for ongoing feedback and working with us on continuous improvements. For more than ten years, you have cheered us on and as a result we have an outstanding platform. We are fortunate to be a part of such an incredible international design/build community. 
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  • Digital resources for online teams can include Knowledge Base and one-on-one support.

    The importance of Knowledge Bases and support systems for remote teams

    Everyone wants and needs access to information - now more than ever. But, how do you manage that? Brian Cornwell of ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Australia, Morten Daniel Kynell, BIM Development Manager EMEA and Melissa Megna of ASSA ABLOY talk about how they manage support and training that transcends geographical spaces. Check out the Doorway to BIM podcast below, or read about support systems.
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  • Working Remotely

    Finding opportunity in uncertain times

    Industry veterans talk about the challenges and rewards of shifting to remote working. Morten Daniel Kynell, Vinu Eipe, Erin Benn and Tommy Chen discuss how they've shifted to working from home and on the go. Available now on the Doorway to BIM podcast. Listen now!
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  • How Owners, Facility Managers Can Use BIM Data to Maintain Buildings

    Facility managers have a difficult set of responsibilities to keep track of, with ongoing building maintenance and cost savings being at the forefront of their concerns.
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