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Listening to our customers is something we – and I - take very seriously. With more than a decade of working on this software solution, we’ve learned a lot from your input. Your feedback has taught us so much, and helped us to improve it along the way.

So, what’s it like working on our software? I think it’s pretty amazing, of course. We have an incredible team of software engineers, and a team that provides nearly 24/7 support around the globe. As the product owner, I get to look at - and personally touch all - of the requests that come through. I get to see all of the aha moments, the oooh moments, as well as some of the uh-oh moments. I also get to see all the questions that come in. Enough that I thought we should write a blog series about it. So, with that, let’s start off with dispelling some common misconceptions about Openings Studio.

Can I use my own door families when using the Openings Studio plugin?
Absolutely!  Openings Studio works with all types of door families.  While Openings Studio can create families, the use of them is completely optional.  If you’re happy with your families, we're happy too, and there’s no reason to change them.

Am I required to import any Openings Studio data back into my project?
No.  All parameters are optional.  You choose if, when, and how much data you bring back into your model.  We do recommend using our AAOS ID parameter, which just helps manage project revisions.  This is a Project Information parameter, not a door parameter.

A model bloated with unnecessary data is something none of us want and we’re always here to help if you feel more comfortable with some assistance!

Is Openings Studio automatically checking for changes or information in my model?
No.  Openings Studio only looks for updated project information when you launch it and choose to send us information.   The privacy of your work is very important to us too. 

We may check for a plugin update to save you the time of rebooting Revit or Archicad, but that's it!

Do you have other questions for us about Openings Studio?  

Submit them here and we will take the most popular questions in a future blog post!


Erin Fay 
Openings Studio Product Owner