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Revit® Ribbon

After the Openings Studio plugin has been installed, open a project in Revit®. 

Openings Studio is added as a tab on the Ribbon by default.

Openings Studio plugin in Revit

If you prefer to not see Openings Studio as a tab, use the Shrink button to move it to the Add-Ins tab.

Shrink button

Plugin under Add-Ins

It can be added back as a tab by clicking Expand.


What’s on the menu?

Plugin buttons

Launch:  Launch Openings Studio.

Analyze: Extract project information from Revit® into Openings Studio (e.g. phases, design options, linked models, floor plans and PDFs).

Import: Import information that has been exported from Openings Studio back into Revit®.  (This button is typically required if an Internet connection is lost when exporting.  Otherwise, it is not used.)

Library:  Open a list of libraries built in Openings Studio and families that can be exported back into Revit®.

New Door: Create and add a new door family on-the-fly to the project file.

Edit Door: Replace an instance in the model with a new door family.  First select an opening in a Revit® project. Then click the Edit Door icon.  No families are deleted or actually edited in the file, a new door is just added in place of the instance selected.

Tag View: Select plan views to see exported/imported tagged parameters for electrical components.

BIM Objects: A website will open with  downloadable families created by and for ASSA ABLOY.

Shrink / Expand: Expand to add Openings Studio to the Revit® Ribbon. Shrink to remove Openings Studio from the Revit® Ribbon and make visible in Add-Ins.