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Revit® plugin New Door

To create a new door family, use the New Door functionality on the Revit® plugin for Openings Studio™.


1.  Open a project in Revit®.


2.  Select New Door from the Openings Studio™ plugin menu in Revit®.


add door


3.  The AAOS Openings Editor will display.


4.  Create a door type.


New door type


Note: If the door family will be placed in a curtain wall assembly, click the Curtain Panel box and skip to step 6.


curtain panel


5.  Click on the Frame tab to create a frame elevation.




6.  Click Export to bring the family into Revit®.



7.  Once the Export is complete, a confirmation message will display. Click Ok.


export complete


8.  View the door in Revit®.


view in revit