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Update or install Archicad® plugins for Windows

This installation guide is for Windows users only (Mac instructions here). Before beginning the installation of this add-on, make sure that Archicad is completely closed.

For a new installation, click here to jump to that section.


Update instructions

1. To update an existing plugin, you can go to Openings Studio inside of Archicad and click Check for Updates.

Archicad check for updates


2. Openings Studio will check for updates.

Checking for updates


3. If an update is available, you can click Update Now to close Archicad and install the new version.  Click OK to do it later.

Update now message


4. You will receive a message when the update is complete.

Update complete message



Full installation instructions

1. Close Archicad prior to installation. Download the correct Windows installer first and open it to begin.  An installation wizard will appear. Click Next.

archicad 1a


2. Do not change the folder from the suggested documents folder. Click Next.

archicad 2a


3. Confirm the installation and click Next.

archicad 3a


4. Open Archicad. Go to Options, and open Add-On Manager.

archicad 6a


5. Click on Edit list of Available Add-Ons.

archicad 7a


6.  Click the Add button which will open file explorer.

archicad 8a


 7. Click This PC.

archicad 9a


8.  Click on the Documents folder.

archicad 10a


9. Navigate to the ASSA ABLOY folder and then open the  OpeningsStudioArchicadAddon folder.

archicad 11 12 a


10.  In OpeningsStudioArchicadAddon, select the Openings Studio folder and click on OpeningsStudio.apx.

archicad 13 14 a


11.  In the Add-On Manager, Openings Studio should be listed. Click Ok.

archicad 15a


12. Initially a warning will display, Click Save Changes and Reload Project.

archicad 16a


Installation is now complete!


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