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What should I consider when there are multiple architects working on the project?

When more than one architecture firm is working on the design of a building that includes doors, there are some questions that should be asked up front to ensure a smooth workflow with writing the specification as a 3D project.  Usually, all the architectural firms involved will need to register for Openings Studio™ if they have not already, however they may only use certain parts of the 3D process based on their role. 

Answer the questions and review the points below to discover what each firm should be responsible for based on the project setup.


Step Description Yes No
1 Is each firm producing specification documents for their portion of the project? (versus one specification document that covers all portions) If separate specifications are being done for each architect, the typical 3D process should be followed. Each firm should Analyze/Export their model as needed. If there is one specification for all the architects, continue to Step 2.
2 Are all the models linked together? Continue to Step 3.

The typical 3D project process should be followed with each firm Analyzing and Exporting as needed.

Note: The specification writer will need to coordinate the hardware sets between the multiple projects in Openings Studio.  This can be challenging and should be discussed with your consultant beforehand.

3 Determine which firm is managing the door schedule. Will the published door schedule be housed in one model?

The published door schedule will be housed in one model.

If Firm A is managing the door schedule, analyzing the project should be done through Firm A. The other firm(s) will only be responsible for exporting once the specification is completed.

Read Key Takeaways below.

Multiple firms are managing separate door schedules in their own models.
Coordination should be done between all firms to ensure the parameters used across the door schedules are the same in the different models.

Analyzing the project should still be done by one firm because all the models are linked together. The other firm(s) will only be responsible for exporting once the specification is completed.

Read Key Takeaways below.


Key Takeaways


1. It is not recommended that multiple firms be responsible for analyzing when models are linked together because coordination becomes extremely challenging.  One firm should be responsible for analyzing and include the other firms’ models by selecting them in the Linked Models tab of the Analyze Wizard.

2.  All firms will be responsible for exporting hardware sets back to Revit®.  Since exporting involves making minor changes to the model, most firms prefer to edit their own models by exporting their own portion.  It is not common for Firm A to make changes to Firm B’s portion of the model and vice versa.

  • The specification writer for the project will need to let all firms working on the doors know when the project is ready to be exported.
  • Each firm/user will need Read-Write Access to the project.
  • Each firm/user will need to export the same Shared Parameters as the other firm.  Typically, this is the AAOS Shared HW Set parameter that is used.  Project Parameters should not be used in this case.

Working with multiple architecture firms on one project should not be difficult, but it does require setting up guidelines and processes from the start.  Assigning responsibility for analyzing and preparing all the firms involved for exporting is key to meeting deadlines and the project running smoothly.

Do you need assistance or have further questions about this process?  Contact Support for more assistance.