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Navigation menu (hamburger menu)

To get around Openings Studio, use the Navigation Pane. 

Simply click on the Hamburger menu in the upper left-corner of the home screen.


hamburger menu

Home: Need to create or find a project? Quickly get back to the Home screen by accessing the Home button in the Hamburger menu.

Contacts: Find or import contacts to add to new projects.

LibrariesTemplate door families, complete with parameters available to copy or import into projects.

Search: Access existing project information, or the Project Details Screen, through Search button. 

Projects: Create, open, copy projects. Import project information from third-party data sources.  

Recent: Write or access recently opened projects faster under the Recent button.  

Downloads: Download door schedule and project communication templates.

Plugins: Install the latest Revit Plugin.

Knowledge Base: Access the most-up-to date information about Openings Studio, including step-by-step tutorials, videos, and best practices.

Contact Support: Get support from local Openings Studio consultants or report a problem. An email will be generated opening up a support ticket in ServiceNow.

Settings: Find more options, such as changing a password or switching themes.

Exit: Logout and exit Openings Studio.