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Why didn't my doors in groups get updated when importing parameters?

Revit® has a function for creating groups of models within a project. The group feature in Revit does not allow users to edit models in those groups without going into the “Edit Group” mode.  This may include editing parameters for the models inside of those groups, which means exporting from Openings Studio may not work on grouped doors.

Helpful Hint!

Before Exporting/Importing using the new parameter feature, set the parameter to Values can vary by group instance.


Follow the steps below to fix it in Revit and then Import/Export again.

1.    In Revit, go to Manage tab.

2.    Click on Project Parameters (even if it’s a shared parameter, this will work).

Manage - project parameters

3.    Find the parameter(s) you need to update and click on Modify.

find parameters


4.    Set the parameter to Values can vary by group instance.

5.    Click OK.

Parameter properties


6.    Do this for each parameter your architect wants Openings Studio to update.

7.    Run the Export to Revit and verify those parameters update on doors in groups.