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DirectX Error Messages

DirectX9 is a program Openings Studio™ uses for visualization. A compatible version of DirectX is added during the installation of Openings Studio™. However, sometimes errors related to DirectX will pop up. This article provides possible solutions and answers to this problem.

Examples of the the error:

DirectX Error 1 DirectX Error 2


Possible Cause Resolution

1. DirectX crashed

1. This can happen occasionally.  If Openings Studio™ was previously working, or you get this error upon first launching the application, try closing and re-opening the Openings Studio™ to see if the error persists.  You will need to go to the Openings screen to confirm if the message is still occurring.  If the Visualizer opens, the issue has been resolved.

2. DirectX is not installed properly. 2. This is most commonly seen with a new installation of Openings Studio™ and can appear similar to item #1, but it does not go away upon restarting application.  Usually, running the installation file again, or installing DirectX in general, will correct this issue.  Verify that this has corrected the issue by launching Openings Studio™ and going to the Openings screen.  If the Visualizer opens, the issue has been resolved.
3. Windows Version 1903 is installed.

3. To check this: Press the Windows key + R to open the run dialog box. 

Type in winver and click OK.

A window will pop up that shows the version on the computer, like this:

About Windows

If Version 1903 is listed, this is a version of Windows that does not support DirectX.  Contact your IT department to see about if an upgrade or downgrade to a different version of Windows is possible.

4. DirectX is disabled in the working environment.

4. Often seen in remote desktop or cloud setups DirectX may be disabled.  The Citrix Workspace environment is where this issue is commonly found, but other setups may show the same behavior. 

If you are unsure if DirectX is enabled, or if the first three solutions do not correct the issue, follow the steps below.  If you discover that DirectX is disabled, please contact your IT department to find out if this can be changed, or speak with your Consultant about alternative options.


How to check to see if DirectX is enabled on your computer.



  • Click Windows key + R or search for the Command Line from the Start Menu>Run.
  • Type DXDIAG.exe and Click OK.
directx 1
  • Open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool
  • Click the Display 1 tab
  • Are both DirectDraw Acceleration and Direct3D Accleration Enabled?


If one or both of these items are Disabled, contact your IT department to see if you have the option to enable them.

Direct x 2

Still having trouble?  For further assistance, Contact Support.