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Login to Openings Studio with other website credentials

If you have an account with one of the websites listed on our login screen, and the email address for that website matches your Openings Studio email address, you can use it to authenticate your login.

Important Note: Openings Studio does not have access or any visibility into the passwords you use for these accounts if you select one.

Here's how it works: If you select Google, you will login through that website and Google will tell us if you were successful in authenticating yourself.  Once we receive confirmation on your authentication, we check to make sure the email address you used is also an active account in Openings Studio and you're good to go!

Login screen


Using one of these options will allow you stayed logged into Openings Studio for 24 hours.  At the 23 hour mark, you will be prompted to re-authenticate yourself.  If you are away from your computer during this time, or have Openings Studio closed, you will need get the login screen above next time you launch Openings Studio.

24 hour timeout message

Login options


Autodesk and Google: If you have multi-factor authentication (MFA) setup on these accounts, you will be required to use it when using either of these options.  You may need access to your email or phone to authenticate yourself.

Autodesk login screenGoogle login screen


Apple: Your email address needs be shared if you want to use this option.  If you choose to hide your email, it will not authorize you to login.  If you accidentally select "Hide My Email", you will need to go to your Apple/iCloud account and remove Openings Studio from your list of approved logins.  This clears the memory of your selection and allows you to try again.  Apple requires multi-factor authentication, so keep your phone nearby to approve the login.

Apple login screenShare My Email prompt


Microsoft: This is only users who have a Microsoft business or education account. If you are an ASSA ABLOY employee, the login will be the same Single-Sign-On (SSO) login that you use for your computer and email. 

Microsoft login screenn


You may also be asking, "Why did Openings Studio add these options?"

A common misconception with this type of login is that if you use it, you will be sharing a lot of data between the accounts/websites that you can't control.  However, with your Openings Studio login, we are only using your email address to confirm you have a valid login. 

This type of login is officially called OAuth 2.0 and many websites are switching to it.  In simple terms, if you have a valid account through one of the websites on the login screen, you can authorize your login to Openings Studio with one of them.

OAuth is a very safe and secure way to login, plus it cuts down on the number of passwords you need to remember or if you need to update one, other logins update too.  Our goal is to switch all logins for Openings Studio to OAuth and our first phase is making it an option.