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Openings Studio allows you to easily and seamlessly transfer project data to manage door openings.

Design. Collaborate. Simple!

See how our award-winning BIM software solution, Openings Studio™, integrates with design software
to create and visualize openings for complete door, frame and hardware schedules and specifications.



Openings Studio for Architects

Integrating with design software such as Autodesk® Revit® and GRAPHISOFT® Archicad®, Openings Studio creates and visualises openings for complete door hardware schedules and specifications - delivered faster and easier!  In addition, build and customise door families, door schedules, and elevation sheets in just a few simple steps.


Openings Studio for Builders and Contractors

Gain a partner on your next project. Openings Studio creates and visualizes door, frame, and hardware, providing seamless updates and tracking changes on a project. Improve coordination. Access door, frame and hardware product information. Create opening or door specific Smart Tags. Manage your time better and more efficiently with openings made easy.
Openings Studio Smart Tags for Builders



Openings Studio for Owners and Facility Managers

Define standards before, during, and after construction. Visualise building standards, establish security requirements and access as-built information… for the life of your building. Designed for building owners to define exactly what components a building requires before, during, and after construction, Openings Studio simplifies collaboration with architects, builders, and others so that changes to door openings are communicated clearly and timely -- the first time, every time.


Openings Studio for Distributors

Openings Studio is a software tool designed for all stakeholders involved on a building project, including distributors, architects and builders. Help meet requirements for BIM projects and BIM workflows used by architects, builders, and owners by providing “as supplied” door opening information to the model. Access door, frame and hardware product information. Navigate floor plans and schedules faster. Create opening specific Requests for Information. 

Openings Studio 3D View for Distributors, Contractors and Builders


Openings Studio for Security Consultants

Tired of wasting hours just drawing lines? We are! Create fully wired and tagged electrical elevations. Openings Studio reduces frustration when determining which electrical and security components are needed for specific openings, with 3D objects that visualise electrical and security elevations.  It uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to create door, frame, and hardware objects for use in design, construction, installation, and facility management. Reference a single source. Build fully wired and tagged electrical elevations. Create opening specific Requests for Information. Access door, frame and hardware product information.
Openings Studio Electrical Elevations



Openings made easy.

Our industry-leading specification software tool and BIM plugin has significantly improved the process of door scheduling, visualization and more. With Openings Studio you can focus on the design, installation and management of openings. 



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