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How do I perform a silent deployment?

Openings Studio can also be installed silently for a deployed install by executing the installer with a “-q” option like:

AAOS_Windows_Full.exe -q

To combine a silent deployment with the multi-user deployment, a third parameter must be added. The location of the user's local app data folder needs to be added (this is the %localappdata% directory, but this needs to the full qualified path and not the variable) like:

AAOS_Windows_Full.exe -q -VmultiUser=true -VinstallDir=C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local

(Replace [USERNAME] with the username of whom Openings Studio is being installed for)

A good way of scripting this is by creating a PowerShell script (called aaos.ps1) that handles finding the logged in user name for you:


function Get-TSSessions {
    qwinsta /server:localhost |
    #Parse output
    ForEach-Object {
        $_.Trim() -replace "\s+",","
    } |
    #Convert to objects

Get-TSSessions | ft -AutoSize
$user = Get-TSSessions | ? { $_.State -eq 'Active' }
$args = "-q -VmultiUser=true -VinstallDir=C:\Users\" + $user.UserName + "\AppData\Local"
Start-Process -FilePath $p1 -ArgumentList $args

This can then be executed like:

powershell -File aaos.ps1 "C:\....path to installer\AAOS_Windows_Full.exe"