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How do I find a door by the Revit® ID?

What is a Revit ID? 

Each element or object placed in your Revit project has its own, unique, Revit ID tied to it.  Each ID is only used once.  If an element is deleted, the Revit ID associated with the deleted element is removed from the project and will not be re-used for the life of the project.

When you are troubleshooting an issue either from Revit, or perhaps a plugin, you may get a Revit ID that can help you find the element in question. 

Here's how to locate that element easily:

1. Go to a plan view.  This is optional, it helps if the element you are looking for is located in the view. 

2. Select the Manage tab on the ribbon.

3. Click Select by ID on the toolbar.

Manage Tab

4. Type in the Revit ID and click Show to jump to the element.


Floor Plan Show


5. If the element cannot be found, it has likely been deleted from the project.


This also works in reverse. 

For example, maybe you believe a door instance should be a specific Revit ID, but it's not coming up when you search for it.  Follow these steps to check:

1. Go to the door, or element, in a view, such as a plan, elevation, or 3D view.

2. Select the door.

3. Select the Manage tab on the ribbon.

4. Click IDs of Selection on the toolbar.

5. This will show you the Revit ID of the selected door.

IDs of Selection

Element ID