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Export - Import an Archicad® Project


Follow this process to Export a project from Openings Studio and Import it into Archicad.


1.  Open the project in Openings Studio and go to the Openings Screen.


2.  In the Door & Frame schedule, hover over the Export icon and then select Export to Archicad.

export to archicad


Follow the steps in the Export Wizard 


Opening Selections Tab

Opening selection

Yellow checkmarks will used when exporting openings to Archicad.


Export Options tab

Export options

1.  Click on Select Parameters.

2.  Select the Archicad template. 

Archicad parameters

3.  Click Select.

4.  Click Next.


Export to Archicad

Export to Archicad

Agree to the terms and click Export.


Open the model in Archicad


1.  Click on Import in the Openings Studio add-on.


Click Import


2. Login to Openings Studio.



3. A message will appear once the import is complete.