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Improved ability to visualize nested families

Openings Studio’s ability to display different kinds of door families was just turned up a notch, with the ability to accurately display nested families in the door schedule, Visualizer, and 3D view. 

Previously, an analyzed project with nested families would display like below:

Nested families

As you can see, there are a LOT of doors, but each row might actually be a component or part of the same family. Plus, the Visualizer does not work.  To get the project parred down, a specification writer could use schedule filter to hide unnecessary lines, but now we've automated the process to make it easier to see the full opening.

Here you can see a newly analyzed project with nested families. Leveraging some of the new automation features, Openings Studio recognizes the groupings and brings them in under one mark, making it easier to see what actually needs to be specified.  Plus you can see the opening in the Visualizer!

Nested families Updated

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