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Column visibility allows the user to select which columns are displayed. This option is available under Door Types, Frame Elevations and the Door & Frame Schedule. Other screens like Search Screen, Hardware, Products, and more have this option available on the right-click menu only.

1. In the Openings Screen, the  Column Visibility IconColumn Visibility icon is located in the tool bars for Door Types, Frame Elevations and the Door & Frame Schedule.

Column Visibility Fix

















2. Hover on Column Visibility Icon, select Setup Column Visibility.

Select Setup Column Visibility to create a filter for columns you'd like to see.


3. Column Visibility Wizard will display. 

    a. Select the columns to make visible or hide by clicking on the check box next it.
    b. To save the selections for the selected view, click OK.
    c. To save the selections for future sessions:

  • Name the view in the Select Type field.
  • Click Save View.

    d. To retrieve a previously saved view, select it in the drop-down at the top of the screen and Click OK.

    Note: The built-in views, Simple and Detailed, cannot be deleted.

To create a new view: 

Add a new view in column visibility.

  • New will put the "Select View:" in edit mode, and you can create a new view. Save is enabled only if the "Select View:" edit area is not empty.
  • Save will save the selected view with all the checked columns.
  • Restore Defaults will restore the selected view to default on Simple and Detailed.


Expanded view of column visibility.


Helpful Tip!

Another way to access the Column Visibility Wizard, right-click in any of the table views.  This is useful on the tables that do not have a toolbar button.