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BIM Object libraries

Download door families from our BIM Object libraries.  Simply select which door families you wish to download or email following the process below.

1. BIM Object libraries can be accessed from Openings Studio or the Knowledge Base.

Go to the Home screen or the Hamburger menu in Openings Studio.

 Home screen     ham menu


From the main navigation menu in the Knowledge Base, Explore>Architect>Door Families.

KB menu image


2. Selections can be made by country, year, and type.

Select country year type


3. Multiple families can be selected by using the check boxes and clicking Download.

Download multiple families


4. An individual family can be selected using the download arrow.

download one family

5. To email your selections use the email button for multiple selections or the individual icon for a single family.

email multiple selections

Email one

6. Fill out the recipient and sender information and click Send.

Email and send


Email sample